Railroad / Train Accidents

The railroad industry has recently experienced tremendous growth in the United States. In fact, the number of passengers and tons of freight that are transported by rail have doubled and in some cases tripled in recent years. However, the downside is that trains can be deadly if operated improperly and the working environment for railroad employees is teeming with dangers. Train accidents routinely result in deaths or very serious injuries. In 2009, out of 11,015 accidents involving railroads, 704 were fatalities. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a railroad accident, the experienced railroad accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Roderick C. White have the resources, knowledge, and skill to aggressively obtain the financial compensation our clients are legally entitled to. We represent rail passengers and all other individuals who have been injured or killed in every type of railroad-related accident, such as, but not limited to, train accidents, railroad crossing accidents, auto-train collisions, train derailments, and hazardous material exposure.

Railroad crossing accidents are much more common than most people realize. Whether the victims mistakenly assumed they were visible to the conductor, or if a crossing barrier malfunctioned, the railroad company is routinely responsible for the accident. Much like they do to vehicles, unsafe railroad crossings also present serious dangers for pedestrians as well. The circumstances underlying a railroad crossing accident are often very complicated and difficult to establish. Therefore, it is imperative to retain an experienced and aggressive attorney who is not afraid of a hard fight. The network of legal professionals at the Law Offices of Roderick C. White have an in-depth understanding of the railroad industry which provides us the ability to uncover the details and evidence needed to protect the legal rights of railroad crossing accident victims and their families.

In addition to crossing accidents, railroad companies are often negligent in how they deal with their passengers. Railroad companies owe the highest degree of care to its passengers and any breach of that duty which results in passenger injury makes the railroad company legally responsible for the injury and resulting damages. This high level legal responsibility for the safety of its passengers includes boarding, exiting, and everything that goes on in between.

Workers injured in railroad operations are covered under the 1908 Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA). The Act was improved in 1939 when Congress made it a crime for a railroad to intimidate its workers from furnishing information about an accident to an injured railroad worker or his attorney. In the 1950s several United States Supreme Court decisions further strengthened the FELA by expanding the definition of “cause” so that any railroad negligence, even slight, that causes a worker’s injury renders the railroad liable. FELA provides for full compensation and not a percentage of lost time or wages, as in a Workers Compensation claim. When employees of an interstate railroad are injured or killed at work, those employees or their survivors are protected by FELA and are entitled to recover not only the time or wages lost, but to be paid all expenses for medical treatment, pain and suffering, and any permanent injury. FELA, the same law that gives a railroad worker the right to sue the railroad company also prohibits any harassment, discipline, or discrimination because an attorney is retained to properly handle a case. An experienced and aggressive railroad accident attorney — knowledgeable about the operations and procedures of railroad companies, their contracts, and the unique risks to employees must be immediately retained to protect the injured or killed railroad worker’s interests. The railroad company will be represented by a team of aggressive and knowledgeable attorneys and investigators. Shouldn’t you be, too? Contact the Law Offices of Roderick C. White for a comprehensive professional evaluation of your case. We will start an immediate investigation, evaluate the incident, preserve the evidence, and secure witness statements to preserve our clients’ rights and protect their interests.

Injuries from railroad accidents invariably have life changing consequences. Although money will not remedy all wrongs, individuals harmed by railroad accidents should be compensated for their losses. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a railroad accident, contact me at the Law Offices of Roderick C. White immediately. Remember, I GOT YOU!!! We have the knowledge and experience to aggressively ensure that our client’s legal rights are protected.

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