Racqueal Woods (SSDI/SSI)

Racqueal Woods serves as the firm’s Social Security Department Director and is one of our most diligent and effective team members.  Racqueal was born and raised in East St. Louis, Illinois and graduated from East St. Louis High School.  After high school Racqueal worked various customer service positions while obtaining her degree in Paralegal Studies at Sanford Brown College in Hazelwood, Missouri in 2006.  Since then Racqueal has acquired extensive Social Security Disability experience and in 2018 she became the firm’s Social Security Department Director.

Racqueal is the oldest of fourteen siblings and has always been the “go to” person for all of her brothers and sisters.  It is her devoted service to her large family that has taught her how to compassionately serve and effectively deal with all types of people.  Racqueal is genuinely devoted to making sure all our clients feel like they are our ONLY  client.  When she is not working she enjoys socializing with friends and spending quality time with her fourteen year old son.

Email Racqueal at Racqueal@iGotYou.net.


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