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texas-personal-injury-attorney-roderick-white-gavel-scalesAuto/Truck Accidents, Wrongful Death, and Personal Injury: It’s all we do! The Law Offices of Roderick C. White are devoted to the aggressive, personalized, result-oriented representation of individuals that have been injured or killed because of the negligence of others in auto accidents, truck/18-wheeler accidents, and all other serious personal injury cases. While these areas of law may at first glance appear unrelated, in reality they are very much alike because successes in either of these endeavors require extensive experience in aggressively dealing with large insurance companies and trial ability. Successful trial lawyers must have the ability to make others believe their version of events and to credibly invoke sympathetic thoughts and feelings for their clients. Trial experience and ability invariably produces the best results in possible settlement negotiations or an actual trial and rest assured we have a battle-tested record of trial success in all types of accident and serious personal injury cases. It is our track record of trial success, our experience in dealing with insurance companies and our three-pronged approach to every case is what sets us apart.

First and foremost, we insist that aggressiveness is the key element in providing effective Auto/Truck Accidents and Personal Injury representation. In any accident or personal injury case the insurance company, with its seemingly unlimited resources, will be vigorously represented by a team of highly trained lawyers and other professionals. An aggressive defense by an insurance company cannot be met with an attitude of acceptance and timidity. Your best chance for success is a strong aggressive offense. Accordingly, we combine our legal knowledge, experience, and all other necessary resources with the aggressiveness needed to produce the best results possible.

Secondly, we strongly believe in providing personalized attention to every case and to every client. That is why we limit our practice to only a select number of accident and personal injury matters. We are appropriately selective about the cases we chose to undertake. We don’t take every case that is presented to us. Be very wary of attorneys who handle a high volume of cases and of those that handle numerous types of unrelated cases. Are they truly set up to give you and your case the personalized attention required to get the best possible result? There are only so many hours in a day. We don’t take every case that is presented to us but the matters we do undertake, we do so in an aggressive personalized manner.

Finally, we know that in the end results are the only things that really matter. At the beginning of every case we have an in-depth, candid, and realistic discussion of the results desired. This is the key to our result-oriented approach. From this discussion, we develop a plan best calculated to achieve their desired results. While there are very few guarantees in this business, our clients truly appreciate the aggressive, personalized, result-oriented approach that we put into every case and we truly take pride in our sincere efforts.

We know that you have many choices when it comes to legal representation and decidedly some will fit your needs better than others. Nevertheless, as you explore the rest of this website and decide who you want to represent you or your loved one, please keep our aggressive, personalized, result-oriented commitment to our clients in mind.

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