Civil Rights Violations

“Civil Rights” is an umbrella term that describes a laundry list of inalienable rights that every individual has regardless of race, gender, ethnicity,  age, religion, or sexual orientation. Our civil rights are supposed to protect us from unreasonable and unjustified government and law enforcement intrusions upon our physical safety, freedom of liberty, and should provide overall equal treatment under the law.  However, violent abuse by police officers and other law enforcement personnel continue to persist nationwide and are some of the most serious and divisive civil rights violations in our country today. 

Even though most law enforcement officials perform their jobs with honor and respect for the communities they are sworn to protect and serve, very serious and even deadly civil rights violations are far too common.  Law enforcement officers and prison personnel have engaged in unjustified shootings, severe beatings, fatal chokings, and other unnecessarily rough treatment.  Too often these heinous civil rights violations are motivated by race, ethnicity, gender, and/or sexual orientation. There have even been occasions where the same officer or groups of officers have repeatedly targeted a particular segment of the population with their abusive actions.  To further exacerbate the clear and present danger posed by these problem law enforcement officers, their leadership too often fails to properly identify, correct, discipline and/or terminate these clearly problematic officers.

When a person’s civil rights have been violated they can file a lawsuit to recover economic damages. They may also be able to recover punitive damages if the law enforcement officer’s conduct was extremely reckless or willful.  Punitive damages are designed to punish the law enforcement officer and his/her agency for such reckless and/or willful so as to motivate them to be more diligent in their efforts to prevent other civil rights violations.  Accordingly, legal action is often the only way to get law enforcement agencies, jails, prisons, and other government agencies to take the steps necessary to ensure that additional new civil rights violations do not continue to occur.  Below is a non-exhaustive listing of law enforcement civil rights violations that we are prepared to seek justice for:

  • Police Brutality;
  • Unjustified Police Shootings;
  • Sexual Abuse by Law Enforcement Personnel (Police, Prison, or Jail);
  • Malicious Prosecution;
  • Wrongful Arrest;
  • Law Enforcement Blackmail or Coercion (Police, Prison, or Jail);
  • Prison/Jail Abuse & Medical Neglect;
  • Suffocation/Restraint Asphyxia (Police, Prison, or Jail);
  • Wrongful Death in Jail/Prison; and
  • Wrongful Death by Police.

If you or a loved one believe that your civil rights have been unreasonably and unjustifiably violated by law enforcement personnel, contact the legal professionals at the Law Offices of Roderick C. White as soon as possible for a free case evaluation.  We are particularly interested in civil rights cases involving serious injury or death caused by law enforcement personnel and/or occurring in jail or prison. Our leading civil rights attorneys, Roderick C. White and Andy Hale, have the nationwide knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to finally get the justice and financial compensation that you and your family deserve.  And don’t worry about money because Real Justice is more important to us than money.  We only get paid if and when we get money for you. We are in this together!!!  We get nothing unless we obtain a monetary recovery for you and your family.

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