Is A Property Owner Required To Provide Security To Keep Visitors And/Or Tenants Safe?

All business and property owners must make sure that their property is safe for all visitors and tenants. In addition to securing their property from slips, trips, and falls, etc., they must make sure that their property is safe from crimes being committed against tenants and/or those lawfully on the premises. If an individual is assaulted or robbed, and is injured as a result, and improper or no security measures were put in place on the property, you may have a personal injury case.

Proof that a business or property owner was negligent in their failure to provide proper security can be obtained in several ways. Eyewitness testimony, repair records, and prior incidents can be used to prove a foreseeable risk of crime on a property. The lack of proper care for those risks would also be proper evidence in a premises security lawsuit.

Examples of cases that have resulted in premises security litigation include outdated security technology, insufficient monitoring of secluded areas, faulty locks on doors or windows, poor lighting, and overgrown landscaping, inadequate security, and inadequate training, hiring and supervision of existing security personnel. Premises security cases are especially prominent in high-crime zones.

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