What Do You do If You Have Been Injured On Someone Else’s Property?

If necessary, request an ambulance or medical treatment for your injuries.

If you suffered what you believe is a premises liability injury, you need to immediately report the injury to the owner, manager, or other employee of the establishment where the injury occurred, so that there will be a record of the accident. If the injury occurred on private property or at a residence, notify the homeowner or the owner of the property if possible. Write down the name, title, phone number, address, and physical description of the person that you report the injury to.

Request a copy of any accident, and/or incident report that is prepared in connection with the injury that you reported. If the person who takes the report refuses to give you a copy of the report, try to write down a description of the form that was filled out for future reference.

Try to identify and get contact information from any witnesses that may have observed the incident or the dangerous condition.
Make an effort to photograph or document in any manner possible the condition or circumstances that caused your harm or injury. Upon notification of the incident, the establishment will probably immediately try to clean up and/or correct the condition that caused your injury if they can.

Therefore it is critical, if you can, to try to get evidence of the dangerous condition before it is corrected. If you are physically able, purchase a cheap disposable camera and photograph the condition before it is corrected. Look to see if there are video surveillance cameras that may have recorded your incident. Request (in the presence of witnesses if you can) that the store or establishment preserve any video surveillance tapes.

It is critical for you to contact us as soon as possible after you have suffered a premises liability injury. We will send an investigator out to photograph, measure, and observe the dangerous condition and to try to interview witnesses.

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