Texas Criminal Process & Procedures

Each step in the Texas Criminal Process is very significant and essentially represents either a pitfall or an opportunity.  When an individual is suspected of or charged with a crime the entire criminal justice system, complete with its unlimited resources and tough on crime attitude, begins to negatively influence the fate of the citizen involved regardless of whether or not the citizen actually did anything wrong. 

This process all too often ultimately ends in wrongful convictions and/or excessive punishments. Effective and aggressive legal representation is the only way to alter this destructive overreaching government takeover of individual liberty. The legal professionals at the Law Offices of Roderick C. White view every step in the State Criminal Process as an opportunity to protect the rights and liberty of all citizens through the aggressive independent protection of each individual client.

If you or a loved one are suspected of or charged with a crime contact us for a free initial consultation before the law enforcement machine decides you or your loved one’s fate.

While nothing can replace the protection of an aggressive experienced criminal defense attorney, an understanding of the State Criminal Process will help you and your family make the best decisions possible concerning any criminal charges.

Accordingly, below are links to a more detailed discussion of each stem in the State Criminal Process: