Can I Sue the Truck Driver’s Trucking Company For My Injuries And Other Damages?

YES!!! Even though interstate trucking companies routinely lease equipment and drivers to avoid the costs of ownership, maintenance and actual employment of drivers, various state and federal regulations still require certain mandatory insurance requirements.  In general, the driver (owner/operator) is still considered an “employee” of the trucking company for purposes of liability to the public therefore the interstate trucking company is vicariously liable for the negligent acts of the driver.  Essentially, the interstate trucking company’s federal operating authority is being utilized to require minimal levels of insurance (typically at least a one million dollar policy) to assure adequate funds are available to protect the public from any harms that arise out of the operation of the large commercial vehicle.  Additionally, the trucking company can also be held legally responsible for their own negligence in failing to appropriately hire, train, monitor, and/or supervise any truck driver that they employ or enter into any independent contractor relationship with.

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