Workers’ Compensation Claims (Illinois)

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Workers’ Compensation Claims (Illinois)​

Workers’ Compensation is generally a “no-fault” type of insurance coverage designed to provide medical care and other financial benefits for individuals injured while working. Essentially, in exchange for guaranteed Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage and benefits injured workers give up the right to sue their employer in court for any negligence associated with their injuries. Workers’ Compensation benefits typically include:

  • Payment for All Necessary Medical Treatment
  • Lost Wage Benefits
  • Payment for Any Permanent Disability (Partial or Total)
  • Compensation for any Disfigurement or Permanent Scarring
  • Vocational Training (or retraining) and Return to Work Programs
  • Death and Funeral Benefits

With our fully-staffed offices in Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City we are strategically prepared to successfully assist with  all types of Workers’ Compensations claims throughout the entire states of Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas. 

Below are some common Workers’ Compensation scenarios that we are prepared to assist with:

  • Over-Exertion Injuries – Workers lifting, pulling, or pushing heavy objects often sustain temporary and/or permanent debilitating injuries.
  • Slip & Fall Accidents – Slipping or tripping on water, grease, or other hazardous substances and/or objects present on walking surfaces can routinely cause employees to sustain serious injuries.
  • Falls From A Height – Construction and oil field accidents frequently involve workers falling from high places and seriously injuring their head, neck, and/or back.
  • Machine Injuries – Workers who operate dangerous machinery are always generally very susceptible to wide array of injuries, especially to their fingers, hands, arms, and/or legs.
  • Vehicle Accidents – Workers who as part of the job drive vehicles and/or ride as passengers often sustain very serious injuries in car or truck accidents during their working hours.
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries – Carpal tunnel syndrome, persistent neck and/or back pain, and vision problems are some examples of repetitive motion injuries sustained by workers who repetitively perform the same tasks for hours at a time.
  • Occupational Diseases – Occupational Diseases are illnesses caused by workplace conditions, such as, but not limited to, lead poisoning, computer vision syndrome, and various lung and skin diseases

Because you only have a limited time to take the necessary legal actions required to protect your rights to all of your Workers’ Compensation benefits, it is important to contact a Workers’ Compensation attorney as possible.

Here at the Law Offices of Roderick White we have knowledgeable and experienced Workers’ Compensation attorneys ready, willing, and able to explain the process, answer all of your questions, and make certain that you receive your much-needed and well-deserved workers’ compensation benefits.

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